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Ways to Support the Newman Center

Below is a statement of our annual budget and expected income for the fiscal year. The items listed are normal operating expenses and don't even fall in the categories below of particular project wants that need additional support (with the exception of the FOCUS Missionaries line item). Any way that you can support the Newman Center financially goes towards running an effective ministry in support of the mission of the SDSM& T community to develop the next generation of leaders, problem-solvers, and virtuous citizens centered on Christ.

Total funding received out of $186,995 needed annually
Operating Expense (supplies, activities) $25,200
Building & Maintenance Costs $40,540
Pastoral Programming & Expenses $5,105
Focus Missionaries $68,000
Development, Fundraising, Professional & Travel $70,300
Total Annual Expenses $209,145
Envelopes $8,000
Plate Collections $5,000
Gifts & Donations $1,500
Votive Candles $150
Endowment Income $7,500
Total Annual Support & Revenue $22,150

Funding Needs

Focus Missionaries

One of our major ongoing costs each year is our FOCUS team that requires $68,000 in funding each year. The 4 FOCUS missionaries are invaluable to the mission of the Newman Center and any support towards our annual commitment is very much appreciated. Contact us to learn more about how you can help to ensure we are able to support a FOCUS team for years to come!

Total funding received out of $68,000 needed annually

Newsletters & Marketing Materials

Helping spread the word about the wonderful things that are happening at the Newman Center takes time and money to produce. Our budget is really small for this but to help the Newman Center become a regular presence in the sight of our supporters would be a huge blessing! Help us reach this goal!

Total funding received out of $10,000 needed annually

Commercial Dishwasher

The Newman Center feeds over 60 people each Sunday, with students regularly using the kitchen throughout the busy week! We currently have 2 very basic dishwashers that can take over 2hrs to complete a cleaning cycle. To have a commercial quality dishwasher would help those serving the meals in a huge way! Help us reach this goal!

Total funding received out of $10,000

Security Camera System (Inside & Out)

This fall we were hit with an act of vandalism to our beautiful center which helped us realize that our lack of security could be a difficult thing for us. With our center being on a major thouroughfare to and from the school and so close to downtown and a growing homeless population it would be a great thing to have a way to monitor our center so that it can be used for years to come! Help us reach this goal!

Total funding received out of $7,500

Parking Lot Sealing & Resurfacing

This is one of those items that was never built into the budget but is a basic need that must be taken care of sooner than later if we want to avoid costly damage and additional work to our parking lot. Help us reach this goal!

Total funding received out of $3,000

Other Wish List Items

Below is a list of items not currently budgeted for but we would love to have. (This list is not all-inclusive.)

  • Reconciliation room ceiling divider (est. $300)

  • Norwex cleaning products (eco friendly) (est. $1,000 helps save cost on harsh chemicals)

  • LED lighting for entire facility (inside & out) (est. $7,000 - est. annual energy savings:  $1,693)

  • Matching set of cope and humeral veil for adoration (est. $1,500)

  • Elevator (addresses ADA needs for our facility. Waiting for a final estimate.)

  • Statuary for the Main Chapel

Completed Projects

Patio Furniture Donations

When I arrived at the Newman Center, we only had a couple pieces of old, dilapidated furniture out on our back patio, so in interest of the students and anyone they may visit our beautiful center, Fr. Mark and I huddled around the idea to purchase new, weather-resistant and durable patio furniture.  We wanted to make a more inviting and comfortable space for everyone to enjoy as they soak in the sun or enjoy a nice breeze on our patio area.  Fr. Mark was amazing and through his personal outreach in these efforts, he was able to secure the necessary funding to purchase beautiful and perfect patio furniture this place so desperately needed.  Way to go Fr. Mark and thank you to the following individuals who blessed us with their generosity: Richard & Nancy Gowen, Rick & Rebecca Moser, Peg Westrich, Scott & Mary Kenner, Paul Kenner, Todd Kenner, Fr. Mark McCormick, Kevin & Carol Huether, Brendan & Jonette Murphy, William & Sara Gartland, and Joe & Toni McCormick. Your generosity is amazing and we THANK YOU for making this a much more inviting place to be for years to come!!  Please come by to enjoy it for yourselves

Rocker Square to Newman Sidewalk Project

This Fall we had an immediate need for a sidewalk connecting the North side of the Newman Center patio to the main sidewalk that connects Rocker Square I & II. The additional sidewalk now meets current ADA compliance needs and requests from current Newman Center attendees. Not only does it allow the Newman Center to be connected to the SDSM&T campus in the physical sense, but it also proves to be a very "welcoming invitation" to any student, faculty, alumni and potential consumer of Newman Center offerings. We are blessed that a very generous family that loves to support the Newman Center has committed to paying for the entire cost of the project. This project was completed this November. Thank you Mary and Mike Rafferty for your incredible generosity!


  • Outdoor LED Signage
    • A crucial need we have is signage to alert passerbys that the building and ways to get details about our weekly events, and ongoing opportunities.  Several generous donors have already offered to cover part of the costs of this project.

  • Exterior Crosses

    • Another visibility project is the addition of crosses to the front & back of the center to visually indicate from afar the Christian nature of the building and activities that happen there.  It has been recommended that two (2) large powder coated carbon steel crosses be constructed and added to the building.

  • High Speed T1 Internet

    • This summer the university agreed to allow the Newman Center to tap into its high speed T1 lines providing high speed internet to the many students who use the center regularly as a place to study.  This will be a welcomed improvement to the academic support we provide.

Donate to RC Newman

Gifts of support can be sent to "Rapid City Catholic Newman Center, 316 E. Kansas City Street, Rapid City, SD 57701 or by clicking on the button below!


Since beginning our capital campaign to build the new Newman Center building the Rapid City Newman Center has an account with the SDSM&T Foundation. Gifts given to the Foundation are not available for immediate use, but are still helpful as they provide a firm foundation for the growth of our Newman Center. We are able to draw quarterly distributions from the growth of funds in our account. Currently, our account is at $385,000, but we have a goal of $5,000,000 by the end of 2025 to support the operational needs and growth of our ministry.

Online donations can be made following the button below or checks can be made payable to the "SDSM&T Foundation" and mailed to:

SDSM&T Foundation
Attn: Newman Center Donation
306 East Saint Joseph Street, Suite 200
Rapid City, South Dakota 57701-4016